winter youtube.jpg

Woke up feeling strange and so old
Can't ever find the faith or let go
Sure miss seeing your clothes on my floor
Since goodbye
Ain't got much but time

Single, sad excuse for these ways
Sun won't fly the sky very late
Colder down below in the maze
Run for your life
The cards won't get dealt twice

Find your way on back so you'll know
If you were meant to stay or to go
Wandered, grey, down tracks in the snow
Losing your mind
Crying yourself blind
Every single time
You get left behind
Now it looks like I'll get mine

I don't wanna hear all of your lonely talk
Everybody knows that you walked
And left me flat, oh, whoa
Now your sun don't shine at all
You're worried that you'll fall
From heights you won't recall
Gave it what you thought
Must've been your all
I can't tell you no

One more time, your back to the wall
I always told you you'd take it too far
You won't even care if you're wrong
Tell me why
Why not maybe try?

Are you still telling lies in your head?
Some damn things are better off dead
You won't hear a word that gets said
But you'll survive
Pale blue coloured eyes
Always look so tired
Have you been up all night?