Update: Spins & great causes


Yes. Hi. Hope we didn't startle you. Let's get down to business.

June 5th. We'll be shufflin' down to The Company House for an evening full of complete foolishness and jocularity. SpinCount will be hosting their monthly event, The SpinCount Social, which begins at 7:30 with their Music Industry Mixer, followed by a night of performances from the JJ Booking roster. The Mike Bochoff Band, The Fourth Well and THE US!!!! Come drink beer and schmooze the night away.

June 7th. So happy to be part of the amazing Relay for Life 2014 event, hosted by Radio 96.5. Not only is there some fantastic talent lined up (Paper Lions, Jessie Brown & The Black Divine, OH MY!), but it's for a great cause as well. Relay For Life is an inspirational, non-competitive, 12-hour overnight fundraising event that brings you and your community together to celebrate life and the fight against cancer. Bring a blanket, bring your active-wear, bring your friends, and bring your ears...we'll do our best to please them!

So, yeah. THAT'S a weekend and a half. In the meantime, we're still hammering away at our album, which is coming along swimmingly. We can't wait for you to hear it. Keep your dial tuned into FLND 98.9, Floodland FunTime Radio. WHO LIKES TO ROCK THE PARTY?

Posted on May 29, 2014 .

The Bucket Sessions pt. 1

Hello Floodheads. How are you today? Has anyone asked you that?  Hopefully we’re the first. Because we care. As this is being typed, rain is falling and David Bowie is playing softly in the background. So, yeah, this day rocks on our end.

What’s going on in Floodland? Thank you for asking. WE’RE MAKING AN ALBUM!!!! We’re hiding away in the depths of Burnside Industrial Park in an old carpeting warehouse, creating musical fusion TO THE MAX. Our engineering wizard Ron Smith is working his magic, our best friend Shane Pugh is providing growler sips, moral support, and has been found running the board a time or two, and us Floods are tinkering away at some very exciting new material. We’re there every day into the wee hours of the morning, drinking (too much) coffee, smoking (too many) cigarettes, and having (all kinds of) fun.  

What can you expect? Energy. Excitement. Passion. Precision. Sonic weirdness. Guitar feedback. Synth. Gang vocals. Songs being played backwards. Rawness. Heavy, chaotic noise. Soft, ambient silence. Everything. Nothing. You know, everything you’ve come to expect from us.

We couldn’t be more excited to be working on our new material, and we’re even more excited for you to hear it. Keep your eyes, ears, and hearts open in the coming months, and we’ll keep you in the loop. (PSST, keep September open...you’ll have a CD release show to attend!)

We’ll be playing throughout the summer months around the East Coast (maybe even a road trip or two to Ontario?), so make sure you watch for our upcoming shows. Come see a show, get sweaty, dance lots, wear socks, rock, roll, etc., etc., etc.

We’ll see you on the dance floor.

- The Floodlandonians 

Posted on April 25, 2014 .

Update: Farewells, battles & bookings

The Floods have been super busy. Apparently too busy to update our blogs on a regular basis.

So, let's catch up.

First off, if you've seen us play live in 2014, you'll have noticed a bit of a switcheroo in our line up. Our good buddy Jordan van Deudekom has decided to pursue other interests. While we'll miss the dutchman and his jazzmaster acrobatics, we wish him well in all his endeavours and will be carrying on as a four-piece. 

Tell yo friends_Page_1.jpg

Secondly, we were the first runner up in Music Nova Scotia's Battle to the Tiki at The Harbourfront Lounge at Casino Nova Scotia. We always have a great time playing the Harbourfront and these two rounds were no exception. We got to share the stage with a bunch of great bands and play for so many fantastic people. Congrats to Neon Dreams for taking the 1st prize and thanks to everyone who came out to dance and cheer us on!

Lastly but not least(ly), the Floods have joined forces with Jason MacIsaac over at JJ Bookings who will be helping us bring our live shows to new and exciting venues. Jason has a great roster including the Stogies, Young River and Jessie Brown among many more bands. We couldn't be more excited to be a part of such a talented group. Our first show working with JJ Bookings will take place at the Marquee Ballroom when we open up for USS and Neon Dreams Saturday, February 22nd. Get your tickets soon! They're going fast.

That pretty much brings us up to date. Thanks again to all you lovely, supportive folks who come out to shows, follow our social media and give us a reason to keep kicking out the jams. The Floods have a big year coming up. We'll keep you posted on all the details in the coming weeks and months!

Posted on February 18, 2014 .