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Imagineering Enginations – The FLOODLAND Variations No.1 EP4

Upward, onward, inward, outward and madly off in any direction(s). Commodities/other wears. Records, singles, downloads, videos, shirts, prints, headbands, leg warmers and a commemorative dinner setting. Output mostly. Idea one: Double EP. Just to sound fancy, we’ll call it a double. Two and eventual sides of an evolution. In motion. Staying there. Just to be fancy. Or productive. New songs (using NEW loosely in terms of ‘Recently completed to the point of exposing the work to peers and others with only slight fear of ostrasizing embarrassment’ or ‘unfamiliar to our viewing and aural public’) & OLD tunes, as in something we’ve previously completed to some level of someone’s satisfaction. As in “used as an official example of why someone should like us.” Exactly.


The next ‘real” record is gonna take a lot of planning, trial and error, funding and tons of rehearsalbefore it’s ready to be mounted, not to mention RATIONAL pacing of releases. I mean 2012 saw us birth out 25 songs in cd and digital forms. Only so much water. And ‘real’ is meaning Official. Meaning Exact and/or Acute. Meaning Novel. Feature. Exposition. The next studio album, YES. Who wouldn’t wanna be The Beatles though (or make The Beatles for that matter) and still. Studio album waits. Just a little. Logistically of course.

So sooner then. What’s sooner? Now. With all the songs just sitting there…looking at us….waiting to be fucked with. Played. Sang. Fucked with again. He not busy being born and so on and so forth and arrogant quote blah blah. So let’s next try. At least a half a try plus fifteen percent in gratuities. ThePlastic Actress re-structuring as ukulele and bell driven by Jordan. Orphan; strummmmy hootenanny club mix. Paramount, a Mumford and Sons cover band branching out and doing their own thing.Precious Metals ~ less Nirvana = more Ryan Adams. Plus the newer songs. Not in their destination form. At least most. Song embryos. Campfire versions. Street corner versions. Newly painted basement versions. Basically re-writing (or pre-writing) as if we weren’t you writing them but someone else we dug was. Write. Right? How would Bowie sing? What would Jesus do? When would Nels play. Or not play. And then play. Basically, one song into two songs. Or three songs. Songs squared, cubed and tetragrammatized (RIP/TMV). More commodities. Mostly. More thoughts. They’re just taking up space…..

Upsized. Ultra-ed. Exponentially. More so?

floodland/acoustic/doubleEP ~ RELEASE DATE : AUGUST 2013

Hope to see you there with us

The Floodlandites

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