2014: A REVIEW

Hello, Floodites!

Here we are again on the Floodblog.  

We're here for a special reason and that reason is to LOOK BACK.

The 14th year of the 2000's was certainly one to remember for us. We started the year off with a bang, signing on to the The MacIsaac Agency and placing 1st Runner-Up in the Take to the Tiki competition. Not bad for January. Shortly thereafter, we opened for USS at The Marquee Ballroom, which was, needless to say, kind of a big deal.  In the words of Ash Boo-Schultz himself, "IT WAS THE BEST."


The spring saw us commence our biggest recording project to date. ITS THE FIRE began in March. Recording this EP brought us joy, elation, sweat, tears, blood, floods, buds, fun, coffee, coffee and more coffee. It was a completely epic experience. We recorded in warehouses and lunchrooms, basements and studios and everything in between. Much of our time, focus and energy in 2014 was spent with this record. When it is released in Spring 2015, we hope you'll take the time to have a listen and think of us causing mayhem in an old carpeting warehouse when you do.

In the midst of these sessions, we played shows with Alert the Medic, The Town Heroes, Carmen Townsend, Jessie Brown and the Black Divine, Quiet Parade, Like A Motorcycle and a lot more of our local favourites. We traveled the coast. New Brunswick brought us late night sing-a-longs. PEI warmth, hospitality and perfect park weather. Cape Breton saw us lounging lakeside and shaking barroom floors. We made so many friends everywhere we went this year, we can't wait to hit the road and make some more in 2015!

NSMW 2014 was a definite highlight for the band. Taking place in Truro, Music Week provided us, as always, with memories and experiences that we'll never forget. We played. Drank. Ate. Networked. Slept in lobbies. Didn't sleep at all. Played in the pool. Interrupted security and hotel employees. Bowled. Bawled. We did IT ALL. What a week.

For the most part, that sums up our 2014. 

We wouldn't have much to talk about if you didn't read, listen, attend and just generally be involved in our journey, so thanks to everyone for being there!  

We'll try and make 2015 even more exciting!

Love Always,


Posted on March 16, 2015 .