make my excuses youtube.jpg

Fly, let it slide or unfold
To so past tense, moving on
Then your braid unties
It's getting too hard to be gone
Flattered weights of gold
Same damn shrine if it's stone
But why succumb to drones?

Night falls heavy all the while, in the throes
I can write off heaven for a smile *if(when) she shows
Every time I steady towards the light *or get close (it explodes)
There's a long, damn, crooked sorta mile left or so

Lies would kindly play out fine
Sights set high being calm
The lust to stay down tight
Is breaking so far to the bone
If weathervanes can know
Try not fighting it off
At least enjoy the roll


True, this oughta make our minds
Hook what's bright and belong
Never fade behind
Or miss any side to be on
Exact a way to go
Shine this light into cold
Where there should be a glow